The Voyage story can be traced back to 2010, and the launch of Voyage Direct, a record label established to represent the wealth of electronic music talent coming out of the Netherlands, and in particular the city of Amsterdam.

From the start, the label had a clear mission. While it would draw on the experience of established members of the Dutch production community – the likes of Aardvarck, Legowelt, Awanto 3, Dexter, Benny Rodriguez and Tom Trago – it would also provide a platform for new and up-and-coming talent. Since its’ inception, Voyage Direct has helped nature the careers of the likes of San Proper, Maxi Mill, Simon Weiss, Magnesii, Darling, Elias Mazian, William Djoko and Interstellar Funk.

Following the closure of Trouw, one of Dutch dance music’s most iconic venues and a regular meeting point for the extended Voyage Direct family, a decision was made to extend the label’s philosophy further. In early 2015, the Voyage Select booking agency was founded with a similar ethos. The agency exists not only to represent and manage the careers of talented Dutch DJs and producers – both from the immediate Voyage Direct family, and like-minded local organisations such as Rush Hour – but also those international artists based in Amsterdam who possess a similar musical mindset. This will continue to be our mission in future.